How to Find the Right Preschool

It's no secret that early education is an valuable part of placing children on the path to future success and happiness. A study by The Perry Preschool Project shows that children who attend preschool have better high school graduation rates and higher-paying jobs in the future. There are many advantages to pre-K education, including critical knowledge and social interaction. For parents, the question isn't if they should enroll their child in a pre-K program. It's which is the right preschool for them?

Parents in big cities have many options to choose from. Some are part of the public school system, while others are charter schools with specialized curriculum. Choosing the best preschool can be a daunting decision for any parent. To help out, here are three effective tips for choosing the best preschool for your child:


The absolute best resource for finding the best preschools in your area are parents with children who attended preschool recently. These people have valuable insight into the program that they selected (and maybe those that they didn't. After a few conservations, you will have a better idea of the schools you want to focus on.

Read Ranking Websites

Try a search for "best preschools in (your area)" and you will likely find two types of results: brick-and-mortar preschools and ranking websites. These websites will lead you to reviews and rankings for a number of different preschools in your local area. We aren't saying you should run with whatever preschool the site ranks #1. But you will find some information to make the choice easier.


Once you have finally trimmed your list down to a few choices, visit the locations of your preferred preschools. This will give you an opportunity to meet teachers and see if the school fits your criteria. Call ahead to see when these preschools allow visitors.

With these three steps, selecting the best early education option is much easier.

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