Where to Find An Emergency Care Clinic

The human body is really an incredible thing to think about. There are thousands of working parts that are always in function, helping us live happy lives every day. Although they are incredible, our bodies are still susceptible to a list of of sickness and injuries. When you or someone in your family is ever sick or injured and in need of professional urgent care, our urgent care facility can provide for all of your needs. From broken bones to the common cold, our skilled family practice doctors office Portage IN staff can help diagnose and treat almost anything that ails you. Our facility includes an X-ray machine and a qualified X-ray technician who can help determine the difference between sprains, fractures, or other injuries. We will always provide you with the best service for adult and children's emergency medical care. When you or one of your children needs urgent medical care, we are the best place to take care of your needs.