Save Time and Cash By Installing Gutter Covers

The phone sounded. I answered. It was Carl again. Carl calls me all the time. Somebody should steal that dude's phone. He says "Welcome." He says that followed by total silence. With Carl a pattern has formed.

We-Carl, I, others-live in a close-knit neighborhood. Everyone knows each other so Carl thinks this intimacy, this fate proximity is reason to take over telephone lines like he's the least threatening Napoleon in history.

Quickly I asking why he had called. Carl tells me to come over to his home so I could see it for myself. Excuses bounce off him like a trampoline. I went to his home

His house is as unrestrained as his personality. As I approach I recall that his yard always has seasonal decorations. Winter is just coming to an end and so what does he have propped up? A huge, inflatable groundhog. Gaudily it greets me as I approach his front door. The best neighbor ever swings open his front door before I am able to ring the doorbell. He has a cheesy smirk. He pulls me by my elbow towards the yard. Carl stares upward. I look up. My mind is the saddest white canvas and he is the thoughtful painter. Things aren't looking up.

"Notice anything different?" he asks. No I do not. "It's a brand new gutter cover." Wow. "It's awesome". That seamless gutter cover stops garbage from clogging everything, which reduces the amount of cleaning service I have to provide." Shockingly, Carl's idea was actually useful.

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